"ONCE UPON A TIME" Eyeshadow Collection - SAMPLES

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You will receive a sample of ONE sample, in the shade you choose, from the following shades from our ONCE UPON  A TIME eyeshadow collection:

DRAWBRIDGE DREAMS: a pink-ish purple with an aqua colorshift
HAPPYILY EVER AFTER: a grapey purple with a blue duochrome & multi-shimmer
GLASS MOUNTAINS: a blushy pink with green shimmery duochromey goodness
WISH UPON A STAR: a powder blue with gold shimmer
DAMSEL: pink with a gold duochrome
GALLANT PRICE: light blue with a teal green duochrome colorshift
POISON APPLE: a ripe, berry burgundy with a duochrome that shifts from lime green to aqua, kicked up with multi-shimmer
RAGS TO RICHES: a light, golden beidge with cool shimmer & an icy blue duochrome
THE HUNTSMAN: a warm brown with a golden lime green duochrome and multi shimmer
SUGAR PLUM: pink with a blue color shift.

Samples come in hinged-lid "clamshell" jars and contain approx. 1/8tsp of product, each.