"Deathly Hollows" Eyeshadow Collection (Halloween, 2015) FULLSIZE

"Deathly Hollows" Eyeshadow Collection (Halloween, 2015) FULLSIZE

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You will receive (1) fullsize jar of each shade in the

​"Deathly Hollows" 2015 Halloween Eyeshadow Collection -- (12 total)

​A​LOHOMORA - a light, airy semi-translucent golden color with gold and blue shimmer;

​SECTUMSEMPRA - a dark red with red and gold shimmer

​OBLIAVATE - a neutral grey kicked up with more multi-colored shimmer than you can shake a wand at

​MARAUDER - a dark purple shade with loads of red shimmer

​AVADA KEDAVRA - a deep, dark teal green with a red duochrome and blue shimmer

​FORBIDDEN FOREST- a dark brown shade, with an emerald green duochrome and multi-colored shimmer

​HEADLESS HUNT - a cool grey shade with orange duochrome L

​EAKY CAULDRONv - black with intense blue and green shimmer

​THE DARK MARK- a dark, green apple with a strong 'antique' gold duochrome

​WHOMPING WILLOW- a metallic chocolate brown and a hint of copper, finished off with blue shimmer

SHRIEKING SHACK- a mauve/brown shade with a blue duochrome and orange shimmer

​VERITASERUM - A cool grey, with a hint of a blue tone, kicked up with intense green and gold shimmer.

​Each jar comes in a "5 gram" jar & contains approx. 1/2tsp of product and comes complete with a sifter.