"HONEYDUKES" Eyeshadow Collection SAMPLES

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You will receive (1) sample, of your choice, of the "HONEYDUKES" eyeshadow collection shades

  • EXPLODING BONBONS - pink toned taupe loaded with multicolored shimmer
  • SUGAR QUILLS - grape purple with a blue duochrome shift, loaded with multi-colored shimmer
  • PEPPERMINT TOADS - minty aqua with a slight red duochrome shift and red shimmer
  • DROOBLE'S BEST BUBBLEGUM - fuchsia with a purple shift and purple shimmer
  • PUMPKIN PASTIES - orange with a copper shift, loaded with red and orange shimmer
  • JELLY SLUGS - deep blue with a teal shift
  • FIZZING WHIZZBEES - yellow with a purple shift and purple shimmer
  • ICE MICE - iridescent gold loaded to the brim with gold and blue shimmer
  • PIXIE PUFFS - coral with a gold shift and gold shimmer
  • ACID POPS - apple green with a teal shift and teal shimmer

Samples come in small, hinged-lid "clamshell" jars and contain approx. 1/4tsp of product