"HORROR SHOW" Eyeshadow Collection - 10 shades FULLSIZE (halloween '13)

"HORROR SHOW" Eyeshadow Collection - 10 shades FULLSIZE (halloween '13)

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Our limited edition "Horror Show" Halloween collection from 2013 quickly became apart of our permanent collection, due to popularity-- and you can scoop up the whole set once again, while supplies last!

​You will receive (1) fullzie jar of each shade in the "HORROR SHOW" Eyeshadow Collection -- (10 total)
"Incantation" cosmetic glitter (a mix of purple, orange, and green holographic glitters)
"Fright Night" eyeshadow (red with a gold/lime colorshift)
"Bump in the Night" eyeshadow (midtoned grey with a green colorshift)
"Pick Your Poison" eyeshadow (bright yellow with a lime green colorshift)
"Poltergeist" eyeshadow (midtoned grey with a icey blue color shift)
"Braainz" eyeshadow (charcoal with a red duochrome and green shimmer)
"Ghoul's Night Out" eyeshadow (blue-ish purple with a red/pink colorshift and gold/red/pink shimmer)
"Monster Mash" eyeshadow (purple with an emerald green colorshift)
"Macabre Moon" eyeshadow (Blue with a royal gold colorshift)
"Hocus Pocus" eyeshadow (blue with a red colorshift)

Fullsize eyeshadows contain approx. 2 grams of product and come complete with a sifter.