"HORROR SHOW" Eyeshadow Collection - SAMPLES

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You will receive (1) SAMPLE  of shade in the "HORROR SHOW" Eyeshadow Collection shade you choose

"Incantation" cosmetic glitter (a mix of purple, orange, and green holographic glitters)
"Fright Night" eyeshadow (red with a gold/lime colorshift)
"Bump in the Night" eyeshadow (midtoned grey with a green colorshift)
"Pick Your Poison" eyeshadow (bright yellow with a lime green colorshift)
"Poltergeist" eyeshadow (midtoned grey with a icey blue color shift)
"Braainz" eyeshadow (charcoal with a red duochrome and green shimmer)
"Ghoul's Night Out" eyeshadow (blue-ish purple with a red/pink colorshift and gold/red/pink shimmer)
"Monster Mash" eyeshadow (purple with an emerald green colorshift)
"Macabre Moon" eyeshadow (Blue with a royal gold colorshift)
"Hocus Pocus" eyeshadow (blue with a red colorshift)

Samples come in hinged-lid "clamshell" jars and contain approx. 1/8tsp of product, each.

(Fright Night is NOT VEGAN FRIENDLY, as it contains Carmine)