LIMITED EDITION liquid lip lacquer SAMPLES - matte, metallic, duochrome

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- Here you will find SAMPLE SIZES of either current, discontinued, or re-released limited edition lip lacquers. 
*subject to availability; some shades may some sporadically back in stock and others may not.* 

You will receive (ONE) sample tube, in the shade you choose, from our LE liquid lip lacquer holiday cpllections. Samples come in mini lipgloss tubes, with a doe-foot applicator, and contain approx. 1ml of product.


  • BLACK MAGIC - Black with a green duochrome shift and red shimmer


  • WARLOCK - metallic grape purple (re-released 2018)
  • BOGEYMAN - metallic teal (re-leased 2018)
  • TROUBLE & TOIL - midtone lime green with a red duochrome shift
  • OCCULT - deep grape purple with a red duochrome shift
  • PHANTASM - deep, mauvey purple with a blue duochrome shift
  • MASQUERADE - black with a red duochrome shift, loaded with red shimmer. (re-released 2018)
  • TOMBSTONE - greyed down, light to midtoned purple with a cool red duochrome shift.
  • CADAVER - black base with a coppery red metallic duochrome shift


  • PETRIFY - midtoned apple green with a red duochrome shift
  • BOGEYMAN - (re-release from 2017) metallic teal
  • WARLOCK - (re-release from 2017) metallic grape
  • CARNAGE - deep burgundy with a green duochrome shift
  • DEPRAVED - deep, sea blue with a golden green duochrome shift
  • ECTOPLASM - yellow leaning chartrusey,/lime green with a gold duochrome shift
  • MASQUERADE - (re-released from 2017) Matte black with intense red shimmer
  • OMEN - deep purple with a coppery orange duochrome shift
  • PARANORMAL - deep teal with a purple/red duochrome shift
  • SCARECROW - duochrome black/orange with green shimmer


  • AVALANCHE - magenta with a cool toned green shift
  • CHILL FACTOR - peachy nude pink with a gold duochrome shift
  • COLD SNAP - blush pink with a blue duochrome shift
  • EVERGREEN - christmas green with a gold duochrome shift
  • FIRESIDE - cool, neutral pink with a gold duochrome shift
  • GLACIAL - deep, greyed down blue with a red duochrome shift
  • LAKE EFFECT - silky, peach nude with a satin metallic finish
  • NORTH POLE - dark, earthy red with red shimmer


  • EERIE - (duochrome) - midtoned grass green with a metallic shift, loaded with green and teal shimmer
  • WITCHFUL THINKING - (duochrome) - black base with a metallic purple shift and purple shimmer
  • JINN & TONIC - (duochrome) - metallic olive green with a warm, antique gold shift
  • HAUNTED HAYRIDE - (matte) - warm toned golden/mustard yellow
  • AFTER LIFE - (duochrome) - pink leaning magenta with intense blue shimmer
  • HELL HOUND - (matte) - warm, burnt orange
  • FIRE & BRIMSTONE - (duochrome) - mid-toned neutral grey with a copper/orange shift
  • ABRA-CADAVER - (duochrome) - deep plum with intense red and purple shimmer
  • GRAVEYARD BASH - (matte) - deep olive green
  • OH MY GOURD - (metallic) - bright, metallic true orange
  • ARACHNID - (gloss) - crazy pigmented black
  • CREEPY CRAWLEY - (gloss) - sheer, highlighter lime loaded with green and teal shimmer


Since when do we have to compromise a dry pout for matte lips?

Unlike some brands of liquid lipstick, our Matte Lip Lacquers set to a matte finish and feel like an actual lipstick instead of a pout caked in powder.

These babies are packed with moisture rich & vegan friendly butters & oils that give your lippies that hydration they crave. 

Hydrating, kiss proof, and packed with the awesomely unique colors you’d expect from Impulse Cosmetics.

Sets to a perfect finish in 60 seconds.


Get the most out of your duochrome and shimmery Impulse Cosmetics liquid lip lacquers by applying one or two thin coats, waiting for the product to dry down, & then smacking your lips together to reveal their sparkles and/or shift.

SHAKE WELL, especially shades containing intense shimmer.


INCL: Castor Oil, Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Carnuaba Wax, Isododecane, Silica, Kaolin. (May Contain: Titanium Dioxide, Oxides, Red #40, Red #6, Red #7, Red #27, Red #33, Blue #1, Yellow #10, Yellow #5, Orange #5, Mica, Tin Oxide, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate)